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A few words about ourselves

We work interdisciplinary teams in online marketing and content production, as well as its publication as journalists for online magazines.

travel-magazine TV (reisemagazin TV)

A trilingual travel guide for individual tourists who like to travel «aside the track» from mainstream destinations.

Fiction And Non-Fiction Format Development

This is coverage from the producing industry or tourism, as well as fictional subjects, such as presentation film.


With our cascading communication models we reach your customers or guests and «bring» they directly to you.

Facts & Figures

With our cascading communication models we reach the readers of our magazines. We encourage you to participate with your house,
your company, your product or your city or region.


million pages read (2019)
in our magazines


million readers (2019)
in our magazines


pages read each minute (2020)
in our magazines


readers each minute
in our magazines (2020)


We work for you: relaxed, professionally and with passion..

Our reports tell your story from our point of view. © 2007

We increase your visibility on the Internet.
© 2020

... you can reach with our journalistically edited formats. © 2020

... is individually and professionally created - unlike «Stock footage» and therefore authentic. © 2017.

Commissioned productions can be staged like feature films. ipTV pilot «Bea...»
© 2017.

Find your story in our magazines and use it in secondary use online and at face-to-face events.


Our cascading communication models support and increase your online marketing activities, which - although it is often claimed - no one can take away from you.

The situation in which your online marketing department finds itself is like being in a bubble from which you are trapped by the alogarythms of search engines, social networks, etc. Each of your messages will be linked to you only at your location on the one hand, and on the other hand will be linked to the user addresses that have been in contact with you, have and keep.

There's no focus on your target.

We can change this for you and together with you.


Level #1 : With frequent (positive) messages about you in our circles and networks. - Landing pages in our media and on your website.
Level #2 : In addition to Level #1 we create an editorial article (word, photo) about your house/company.
Level #3 : In addition to Level #2 we create an editorial contribution (film) about your house/company.

Level #2 and #3 stories will be published in our magazines in the appropriate place. The recommended second use of the film (Level #3) is also possible.

Descriptions and prices, as well as further services around the online marketing topic
for your house can be found here.


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